We are a social enterprise low-profit corporation with the mission to provide evidence-based skin care education, refine industry skill competencies and provide support to consumers as well as licensed estheticians.
Our mission will foster awareness and knowledge of the importance of maintaining healthy skin, safe skin treatment options, and the practice of esthetics.
By working with consumers, licensed estheticians, state licensing boards, esthetic education providers, and other community stakeholders, the Esthetics Council strives to create a safe service experience for all consumers as well as a fulfilling and prosperous career path for all licensed estheticians.

Inclusiveness, Respect, and Diversity
Our goal is to be inclusive of every voice in the skin care profession regardless of whether or not we agree with them. Color, sexual orientation, religion, and even politics do not matter. We are all in this together and each person should have their voice heard.
Teamwork & Advocacy
We will strive to work with every group within our profession and will help local advocacy initiatives with grassroots support and funding. Our positions regarding scope, rules, and general competencies are put together with the long-term viability of our profession, safety for the consumer and esthetician, as well as treatment effectiveness in mind.
Social Mission vs Profit
Our company is put together in a way that supports a social mission over profit. Making money is not our goal but rather a means to meet them. Our entire founding member group is involved in how we implement initiatives, will vote on issues as they come up and help drive the direction of the council. Profit made after paying expenses goes to help support those endeavors.
Integrity in our interactions
We value the work of others in our field and will support our industry leaders and other organizations with respect. If disagreements arise we will always be able to sit down and talk about them without ego and rancor. The mission is always at the forefront of our interactions.
Do No Harm
We will not promote services, products, or devices to our members that can cause harm. This means harm to the client or harm to the esthetician through a breach in their scope of practice. If we have monetary interests with anyone that we provide information on, we will disclose them.
Education Is Our Foundation
Education is the foundation of what we do. We are not an organization that provides certification or insurance but we will educate you on what you need to know about every aspect of our profession as well as provide access to high-quality classes that can improve your career and personal well-being. Our education extends to the public and state boards, we will strive to be a support to both communities.