Esthetics Council Verification™

Proof that you are the best at what you do. Let’s help you earn what you are worth.

High Standards

EC Verification is based on standards that have been proven to work. The skill set or competency is vetted by the estheticians who are doing the work. When there is a disconnect between the two, we strive to update the guidelines and then determine how to best advocate for changes with our state boards.

Access to verified jobs

We pick the employers who can list on our job board saving you the nuisance of fake job listings or poor management of resume’s submitted. If you take the time to be verified, we take the time to make sure the potential employer understands your value.


EC Verified estheticians have access to mentors who have extensive experience in the profession. An esthetician’s particular situation will be analyzed to determine the best mentoring needed.

EC Verification is designed to prove an esthetician’s licensing status, certifications awarded, and experience so that employers and the public have an independent third party attesting to the validity of their expertise.

The categories for badging is necessary for the different skill sets that estheticians are using in the workplace. Each badge is based on a set of standards and competencies. The criteria we use are NCEA, CIDESCO, and ITEC certification standards. The competencies (or skills) are created by the estheticians who are doing the work as well as medical, spa, and education experts.
The esthetics profession has changed in the last 20 years to include multiple work environments such as medical offices and franchise spa locations. Unfortunately, many estheticians are creating resumes that do not accurately describe their experience and licensing which then creates a situation where an employer or client has issues with non-performance or harm. Padded resumes then create a hardship for the next esthetician who comes along.

The public and employers do not have the time or often understand the competencies needed to succeed in their particular niche. EC verification will help level the playing field.

Each verification is two years which represents a state’s licensing period. Resumes and portfolios can be updated any time.

EC Verification Pricing

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