what you need to know—Esthetics council & The skin games

This year the Esthetics Council has been appointed by The Skin Games as the compliance guide for players and 3rd party authority for the judging process. The goal is to provide transparency for the judging process which includes getting feedback to all players who need guidance.

The Esthetics Council has developed a verification program that validates competency, education, and experience in a digital format. Essentially, you would get a “seal of approval” or confirmation that what you represent on a professional level is true and accurate. This is important to clients and potential employers, especially in this environment of made up expert credentials.


Please click the link to fill out the application form for your digital badge & certificate of participation for The Skin Games 2019. If you would like to know more about the EC Verification system click Learn more.

get some feedback

You will have an option on the badge application to indicate that you want feedback on your case study. The goal is to give you input on areas to learn more and answer questions. Feedback will not be justifying why you did not make finals. If you are a finalist we will not be doing a review of your case study until after the live show in Las Vegas.


You will be recieving guidence on what to expect when you come to Las Vegas for your in-person interview. The interviews will be in 15 minute formats with 1 minute at the end to let you express anything you want. Questions will be asked by the moderator but not the judges during the interview. The types of questions will be determined by the judges in each of the categories.

You will NOT be bringing case studies or pictures to the interview. Supporting documentation is submitted to the judges in the finals process. If there is something needed we will reach out to you before Las Vegas.



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Here you can find answers to your modality and scope of practice questions or submit your questions to the Esthetics Council

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